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is linked to one of my obsessions,  chairs. For years I bought and sold Mid 20th C furniture and  chairs are one of the most ubiquitous pieces, practical objects that designers architects and artists endlessly explore.  

My father (top left)  had recently had a double bypass and not long after I had stents inserted into blocked arteries. My friend U.S Michael Shamberg R.I.P (top right) was suffering from Mitochondrial Disease hence the pink tape on his back to help drain lymph. So without giving too much away the idea was about support, personal and also the support of the health services. In 2018 this is even more stark as the NHS is under attack from those that would like to see it privatised. 

The photo  of M Shamberg was taken by Nancy Van Meter a dear friend and painter and was taken at The Schuler School of Art in Baltimore.

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