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CHAIRMAN @ Tension Fine Art - Penge

Originally  conceived and photographed in 2010-12

I was an afficionado of chair design and the impetus to make art was becoming more acute when I had stents shoved up my arteries. My father Tony Cash had a double bypass not long before, all these elements coalesced in this project. 

Tony Cash was the first one to agree to be photographed and then the young women ( who don't want to be Identified)  On a visit to Baltimore in 2012 old friend filmmaker and Turtle Salon instigator Michael Shamberg agreed to make a chairman image that was more improvised. MHS was very ill at the time and could barely walk or talk, but was very keen to make the photo. Joseph Tovey Frost was both a sitter and camera operator.  

Tension Fine Art gallery owner Ken Turner offered a slot to show the Chairman pictures, we had both lost

family members recently which I think made a link to the pathos in the project.


I made collages using snaps of my mother Judith and brother Tom as it seemed apt to include them. 

Nancy Van Meter was camera operator in Baltimore 

@the Schuler Art School.

Michael Linehan assisted and enabled use of a studio.

Some of the images were shown in paris @Arnaud Lefebvre Gallery. in 2012 and 2015

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